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A lot of roofing companies care primarily about making money. When it comes to safety, they do just enough to avoid litigation if their workers get hurt. At Castro Roofing, it’s the exact opposite!

In a blog post last month, we talked about how ethics is one of our core values. Well, another core value of ours is s​afety. ​But unlike many companies, it’s not just talk for us. Here are just some of the fundamental ways we integrate worker safety into the culture and operations of our company:

  • We have a full-time safety manager on staff.
  • We hire a third-party safety consultant.
  • We utilize LOOKOUT, the latest technology in job-site safety.

Safety Manager

First of all, our safety manager’s job is to look at the safety of e​very project w​e have. He also runs a monthly safety meeting for the entire roofing crew to ensure that our job-site safety is always top-notch.

Safety Consultant

As for the safety consultant, he’s an objective third party whose job is to perform safety training and monitor the job sites to see which crews are doing the best in terms of safety. Not only are the sites checked for safety, but we also have someone to make sure that the actual jobs are being conducted in a safe manner.


The other amazing safety tool in our kit is L​OOKOUT, ​which is technology for roof maintenance. It helps us catalogue and track each job site. Basically, whenever a foreman for a particular project takes mandatory pictures of the site, the photos are uploaded and accessible through LOOKOUT. We can monitor them remotely and look back to assess any site’s safety. Even if no one’s on a site, we make sure to include it.

Of course, this is all still just talk. What are the results?

Well, based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics, our safety rate is 5​0 to 70 percent better t​han the national average! We have also earned m​ultiple a​wards from Texas Mutual Insurance Company for our sterling safety record.

And our work on the Dallas Performance Hall Building earned us the National Safety Award.

In the end, it’s not about recognition for a good safety record—it’s that we care about our workers and want them to know they’re safe on the job. That’s why safety is one of our core values here at Castro Roofing.
Storm Hawk Commander-in-Chief,

Rudy Rodriguez

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