SMU Owen Arts Center

Award Winner – Gold Hammer Award for Outstanding Commercial Project and Gold Circle Award for Outstanding Project and Safety Award


The building is surrounded by either the street or other buildings. Meaning that between the accompanying foot traffic of a mayor university and the logistics involved due to the proximity of other buildings, landscaping, trees, and the street, the amount of staging area was very limited. Much effort was undertaken in coordination with the owner, roofing suppliers and manufacturers’ deliveries to accommodate the staging areas available. Many deliveries were undertaken to supply the project through the construction months.

The staging area was limited to one location of 400 sq. ft. to roof 107,900 sq. ft. This presented logistical dif-ficulties because of the traffic in and around the area. Of particular difficulty was removing full dumpsters and replacing the empty dumpsters. In some instances the dumpster company just wanted to leave without per-forming the dumpster swap-out because of the patience required to accomplish. We also had difficulty with professors and students attempting to enter restricted areas even though they were clearly marked. Special safety precautions were taken for the well-being of all pedestrians walking near the construction site.


Southern Methodist University (SMU)

What we did

Modified Bitumen Roof System (102,600 sq. ft.)

Composition Shingle Roof System (5,300 sq. ft.)

Replaced 78 Skylights



Award Book

SMU Owens Art School

NRCA Gold Circle Awards

Gold-Circle_Winner 2016

1st Place Winners: Outstanding Workmanship and Safety Innovation Award

NTRCA Golden Hammer Award

Asset 24

1st Place Winner: Outstanding Commercial Roofing Project

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