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Benefits of roof infrared moister scan

There are important benefits of commercial infrared roof moisture inspections and Surveys that building owners and managers should keep in mind. Low slope, insulated and flat roof systems, like anything else, need to be maintained to properly protect your capital investment. Frequent yearly IR roof Inspections should be done not only for your own knowledge but also to comply with Roof Manufactures Warranty. Consult with your manufactures sales rep for warranty compliance.

Here are some of key benefits of using our infrared roof inspection service:

  • Flat roof leak detection for buildings, plants, facilities
  • Identify water damaged portions of a roof quickly and accurately
  • Eliminate unnecessary replacement of good roofing
  • Plan accurate budgets based on facts
  • Document problems before the warranty/bond expires
  • Document existing conditions before a major storm and post storm.

Infrared Thermography is Nondestructive

Infrared Thermal Imaging is nondestructive/Invasive.
However verification of the marked areas of wet insulation on the roof need to be confirmed followed up by moisture probing meters or core sampling.

Thermal imaging with an infrared (IR) camera quickly and accurately identifies areas of a roof that may have been compromised long before any ill effects are discovered inside a building.

Early Intervention – Reduce Overall Maintenance Cost

By performing regular Roof IR scans you’ll be able to intervening early, before a small problem becomes a large one. And building owners will be pleased to reduce the overall cost of roof maintenance.

Infrared Roof Inspection is Cost Effective

When compared to dealing with a catastrophic loss of a failed low slope, insulated or flat roof, annual IR roof thermal imaging and preventive maintenance is a clear winner.

Another cost related benefits is that a properly maintained roof will lower your energy costs. Wet insulation isn’t as effective as dry insulation.

Cost of Commercial Infrared Roof Scan

The cost of Infrared roof scan of commercial roofing systems varies depending on a number of factors including the size of the roof to be inspected. For that reason we offer a phone consultation to any prospective client.

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