Raving Fans

More than just installing and repair roofs, Castro Roofing of Texas will only accept you becoming a Raving Fan!
If you don’t rave about your experience of dealing with Castro Roofing, we’ve failed

Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles wrote a book called Raving Fans – A Revolutionary Approach to Customer Service. In it they share, in parable style, the story of a manager responsible for improving customer service. He, like most of us, figured customer satisfaction was about the best he could hope for. But with as bad as customer service is in the marketplace and customer expectations so low, “satisfied” could mean as little as “satisfied, until I hopefully find something or someone better.” That isn’t acceptable to the authors nor is it to Castro Roofing.

The Secrets of creating Raving Fans

So, following the book, we’ve set out on a path of Decision, Discovery, and then Delivery. Creating Raving Fans started with us Deciding what the most perfect and ideal encounter with Castro should and could look like. We closed our eyes and just imagined that every potential point of grief and aggravation when solving your roofing problems, dealing with contractors, and obtaining the right solution option for you were joyously removed or eliminated. We imagined what ‘above and beyond’ types of things we could do to make our clients just shake their heads in amazement while saying, “Man, who’da ever thought a contractor, let alone a roofing contractor, would do that for us?” We’ve spent a good deal of time on this because making you a Raving Fan is just that important.


“Hey, what about me, your client?”

You might be thinking, right about now, “Ok, great, Castro’s thought and imagined what they think it will take to make me a Raving Fan, but they don’t know what I think it will take to make me one.” And you’d be right. After Deciding what all this looks like to us, here comes the second secret of making Raving Fans…we need to Discover what that looks like to you, our client or prospective client. And as important as it is to ask you what would make you a Raving Fan of Castro Roofing, it’s more important to listen, really listen to what you tell us AND what you don’t tell us.

So we’d like to know what you think it would take for you to become a Raving Fan of Castro Roofing.

Think about right before the moment a roofing problem presents itself to you, whether you’re about to head up there on the roof and find trouble or right before your phone rings with someone complaining that water’s dripping on their desk. Then think about signing off on the punch list or signing the final invoice payment and everything possible, good and bad that happens or can happen in between. If you could wave a magic wand and make bad things “good” or good things “better”, what would they be?

Earn a FREE Infrared Moisture Analysis for your ideas & opinions

Your ideas and opinions to the above Discovery challenge could earn you a FREE Infrared Moisture Analysis of your most problematic building. That’s a $1,000 value. Drawings for the winning ideas and opinions will be held monthly. Last month’s winner was <<name>> of <<company>>. Submit your ideas and opinions in the form below.

Castro must Deliver if you are to be our Raving Fan

The last secret to creating Raving Fans is for us to Deliver to you all our ideas and yours on a routine, frequent and consistent basis. And then we’re going to take it further, 1% further each week of the year. So at the end of 12 months we’ll be 52% better than when we started and we’ll have created all the Raving Fans possible.

We can’t and won’t be all things to all people…

Will Castro Roofing be all things to everyone…NO! Nor should we be. We may not choose or be able to do everything that we come up with or you suggest. Trying to would dilute our efforts and likely ensure we don’t create any Raving Fans. But know this…Everything shared, whether from Castro employees, past clients or future ones, will be thoroughly entertained and considered. If we don’t Deliver it today, or even soon, it may be part of the 1% we add to what we do in week 47 or 247. So come back here often, when you think of something to add or to share what happened to make you a Raving Fan of Castro Roofing.

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