Service Manager Leader

Are you a proactive, assertive, take charge person? You possess the ability to think ahead and like to remove forward to attain challenging goals?
Do you like to work in an environment that allows for independence, freedom and change?
We are looking for a competitive person that likes to WIN, has a natural talent for building processes that will wow our clients and meet company goals. You must be an analytical thinker able to overcome problems by executing with excellence the solutions created.
We are looking for an experience commercial roofing Service Manager to grow our Service Department revenue 45% annually. This massive challenge will require changing our current structure, processes and anything else needed to win and become the World-Class Service leader in the roofing industry with exceptional service and unmatched talent.

Department:                Service Department
Reports to:                  CEO
Supports:                    Production Department, Marketing and Sales

Position(s) under direct working supervision: Service coordinator, apprentices, superintendent, technicians, foremen and other positions assigned to roofing crews.

Culture Is Our Strategy
At Castro Roofing, we deliver peace of mind.

We don’t just say that, we mean it and we do it every day. And often times, working at Castro Roofing is much like running a small business. There will be long days and incredible challenges, but the reward will be contributing to something that is larger than you. We want you to bring hustle, grit, and passion to everything you do here. You will be expected to take high ownership and improve yourself constantly. You will be held accountable to our 10 Core Values and will be expected to hold your teammates accountable as well. The values are what unify us and allow us to make the impact that we do. They are crucial on our mission to becoming the North Texas World-Class Service Organization.

At Castro Roofing, culture is our strategy.
We commit to provide you opportunities for growth, empowerment to help deliver peace of mind, and ownership to help us create a better world.

Together…we will deliver the wow-experience to all we touch. We will elevate trust and confidence to the world. We will inspire people to reach their dreams.

Who We Are
We LOVE our clients! We know truly delightful service involves providing high level of craftsmanship, safety, precise and efficient solutions through warm and personalized conversations with each of our clients.

Although finding our clients the right roofing solution and delivering highest level of craftsmanship is always our goal, we don’t just fix things…

We are insanely passionate about our client success and delivering each of them peace of mind.  We work in a team-based environment and we are constantly reinventing ways to delight our clients.  Everything we do to help our client is done with the intent to delight their socks off.

A word of warning: Castro Roofing isn’t for everyone. We hold ourselves to a higher standard than most. You will be expected to push yourself, to make your mark and to strengthen the values, behaviors and culture that are core to Castro Roofing’s success.  We love a good challenge, so if this type of stuff doesn’t light your fire, this might not be the right path for you.  Before you apply, be sure Castro Roofing is right for you by clicking here. 

Your Big Three Ways You’ll Help Deliver Peace of Mind:

  1. Build and create Service Department processes/procedures in collaboration with others stakeholders and CEO.  
  2. Meet Service Department aggressive growth plan.
  3. Deliver the Red Carpet experience to all our clients by providing helpful, honest and delightful service. Target of 60 Net Promoter Score (NPS).

What You’ll Own

  • Castro Roofing’s Vision. You will be the Chief Kool-Aid Officer (CKO) for the entire service personnel.
  • Creating delightful client relationships which include consistent follow-through, setting proper expectations, and advocating for client issues within internal departments.
  • Co-creates with leaders and key stakeholders pprocess and procedure to deliver the Wow experience to our clients.
  • Quality of the finished repairs.
  • Using technical knowledge and client service skills to address clients’ needs and resolve problems while providing an exceptional level of service.
  • Provide both strategic and operational support with a specific emphasis on organizational effectiveness and workforce development to contribute in building a world-class Service Department.
  • Probability of department.
  • 40% annual revenue growth of the Service Department.

Daily Deeds

  • Advises clients of necessary repair service including estimates of cost; also makes recommendations to clients for maintenance.
  • Effectively dispatch service crews.
  • Supervises the training of the service technicians with appropriate training programs.
  • Provide face-to-face, telephone, and email support to clients.
  • Listens to problems of service personnel and analyzes and works out satisfactory solutions, then assists personnel in solving problems.
  • Handles client complaints problems pertaining to service and repair work.
  • See that work orders are promptly charged out, both external client and internal client.
  • Weekly: Review all service technicians’ weekly time clock reports and submits them to Payroll in a timely manner.
  • Weekly: Make sure work orders are properly punched in and out on time clock.
  • Review outgoing invoices and support documentation.
  • Process Castro Roofing warranty claims and ensure proper repairs are promptly performed.
  • Process manufacturer warranty claims and forward completed paperwork to manufacturer following completed repairs.
  • Inspects and ensures that all completed roofing work is appropriate and to Castro standards.
  • Helps service personnel diagnose roof leaks if they do not know the problem or cannot find it.
  • Schedules service work according to priority and maintains an orderly flow of work.
  • Gather requirements from clients for potential service projects.
  • Interprets company policies to workers and enforces safety regulations.
  • Ensures good conditions of all service tools and service vehicles.
  • Responsible for the safety of service technicians and maintaining safe working conditions and reporting all accidents to Human Resources immediately.
  • Responsible for ensuring OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Act) standards and company safety policies are complied with at all times in coordination with company Safety Coordinator.
  • Prepares or reviews weekly reports on progress, materials used and costs, and adjusts work force as needed.
  • Attends office meetings as scheduled.
  • Responsible for courteous, efficient response at all times by service personnel.
  • Reviews completed repairs to determine overall job performance.
  • Review current processes and make technical/process recommendations for improving efficiency.Incorporate best practices in operational procedures and documentation.
  • Assist in the evaluation of new roofing materials, equipment and installation methods.
  • Stay up to date with relevant state-of-the-art technology, equipment, and/or systems.
  • Ensures that adequate roofing supplies for Service Department inventory are maintained.
  • Responsible for research and evaluation of all current and potential products used in the department.
  • Recommends new equipment which will cut costs and speeds up work, or which will provide a better means of repair.
  • Responsible for maintaining the required uniform and ensuring a professional appearance and attitude for all service personnel at all times.

Gotta Have…

  • Bachler’s degree in business administration.
  • 5-10 years’ experience as a commercial roofing Service Manager.
  • Ability to think both strategically and tactically.
  • Apply problem-solving skills.
  • Strong communication and facilitation skills.
  • People that are passionate about providing a one-of-a-kind experience for our clients.
  • People that naturally execute with excellence.
  • Enjoys building high performance teams.
  • Passion for empowering clients to succeed.
  • Strong sense of urgency with a resourceful self-starter personality.
  • Thrives in the challenge of unfamiliar situations or tasks with a growth mindset.
  • Ability to coach and navigate in partnership with leaders within all levels of the organization.
  • Excellent priority setting skills with the flexibility and adaptability to shift responding to pressing business needs.
  • Be proficient with FCS software.
  • Working knowledge of computers, being able to navigate around an office system and be accomplished in the basics of Excel, Word, Outlook, and internet.
  • Broad knowledge of commercial roofing systems, codes and safety practices.

Skills We Want

  • Build process and systems to exceeds goals
  • Manage multiple projects
  • Bilingual (English/Spanish)

What Does Our Service Manager Leader Look Like?

Who I am:

  • I have a passion for winning
  • I have a passion for the success of others
  • I know stuff about roofing and can speak about that stuff intelligently
  • I love providing guidance and developing leader
  • I’m comfortable with having tough conversations, knowing it’s for the best, YET I have those conversations in the most delightful way possible
  • I’m self-motivated and competitive
  • I don’t crumble under pressure
  • I’m self-motivated and self-starter
  • I get enjoyment from executing with excellence
  • I do the right thing for our clients, team members and Castro Roofing
  • I’m a tenacious person that understand all problems have solutions if we want it bad enough
  • I’m hungry, sharp and humble

Who I’m not:

  • Discouraged or intimidated by conflict
  • Blinded by ego
  • A jerk
  • A clock-puncher

Challenges You Can Help Us Face (with optimism)

  • How can we maintain our stellar quality reputation given the plan growth and immigration laws?
  • How can we provide better client experience while also reducing the man-hours required to deliver it?
  • How can we train our foremen to create leaders and empower them to help their team meet goals?

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