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3 Simple Steps To Protect Your Customers & Property From Winter Mayhem

It has almost been a year since the snowstorm that stunned Dallas in January, and yet we are coming up on another winter season. Even if you endured severe damage to your property or not, it’s time for EVERYONE to get ahead and start preparing for winter NOW! It’s important to prepare your property to prevent commercial roof damage and injury this coming.

Did you know that if someone gets injured on your commercial property, you could be liable?

Snow, Ice, and water control bring major issues each winter season. The below details will help direct you to a safer property in the upcoming months.

Step 1: Do not allow water to freely flow over heavily trafficked areas around your property. Low temperatures could cause them to freeze and create a slip & fall hazard. This can be avoided by redirecting downspouts to a vegetated area. We also recommend either blocking off or warning pedestrians of hazardous areas, this can be done with a caution sign or tape.

Step 2: Watch for ponding water on your roof as multiple issues could result from ponding. Ponded water can freeze creating a slip & fall hazard for authorized personnel. Ponding also means your drains or gutters are not working properly, usually due to frozen debris. This can cause excess weight on your roof, which could turn into leaks. Be sure to clear drains and gutters before it gets too cold. 

Step 3: Falling snow & ice is also a safety hazard. Snow often accumulates on a sloped roof and as temperatures rise, the snow melts. The result can be dangerous as the built-up snow and ice could slide and fall, and that heavy amount of snow could seriously injure someone outside your property. The weight of the snow can also easily damage the building as well. Sno Gem® Snow Guards reduce the dangers associated with rooftop snow.


Now it’s time to put this plan into action. Most ground level actions are simple and are great proactive steps. the roof, not so much. Click here to get your first pre-winter inspection scheduled.

Written by Sam

December 7, 2021

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