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Is your roof in bad shape? Every year, many commercial building owners and managers replace their roof or pay for expensive repairs. If that sounds like you, then you need to know there’s another way forward. Have you considered roof restoration? Less expensive than replacement and much more effective than most repairs, restoration is revolutionizing how managers think about their roofs.

It’s a proven and effective process. We apply our UltraSHIELD liquid roof system, which seamlessly seals and waterproofs the entire roof. Then we apply a protective topcoat that’s designed as a wear-surface and energy-saving product, keeping the liquid roof system intact. Every 20 years, we’ll reapply the topcoat, extending the roof warranty for another 20 years — which is about as expensive as painting the roof with paint and takes about as long!

You’re left with a restored roof that works like a new roof, has the same warranty as a new roof, but costs about half as much as a new roof would. In addition, roof restoration results in an energy-efficient roof that reflects UV rays, while reducing your roof surface temperature by 40–60 degrees.

Not all roofs are candidates for roof restoration. In our experience, about 84 percent of the roofs that people replace could have been restored instead. Roofs that are damaged extensively will need to be replaced, however. In addition, not all roofing material lends itself to being restored with the liquid roof system.

02Here are some other benefits:

  • The surface is Energy Star approved, so it saves on your energy bills.
  • Since roof restoration is NOT considered a capital expense, you can write it off NOW instead of in 39 years (check with your tax attorney).
  • It’s quick and easy to apply, with no disruption of your normal building operations.
  • It will continually extend your labor and material warranty forever, making UltraSHIELD the last roof you will ever need!

That said, we see many roofs replaced every year that could have easily been restored for 50–70 percent less money. Is ours one of them? It only takes a phone call and a quick inspection to find out. If roof replacement is part of your budget this year, consider restoration instead. Want more information? Go to www.castroroofing. com/roof-restoration.


Written by Rudy Rodriguez

August 26, 2016

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