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Culture of Good is at the heart of everything we do at Castro Roofing — how we live, how we work and how we help our clients succeed and deliver peace of mind. It isn’t about perks, and it doesn’t exist solely to make our employees happy (although it does that, too). At Castro Roofing, culture is our strategy. Castro Roofing culture is about providing a foundation to achieve our purpose, our WHY: To Deliver Peace Of Mind.


Being part of Castro Roofing means being part of a unique client centric team in which people are the most valuable resources we have to reach our goals.

Together we deliver peace of mind to all we touch.

Together we’ve crafted the our Shared Vision that is the very essence of feeling part of Castro Roofing and which guide us as we tackle our day-to-day challenges.

Castro Roofing Shared Vision



To deliver Peace of Mind
to all we touch



To be the World-Class leader in the roofing industry
with exceptional service and unmatched talent

Culture of Good

Culture of Good

The Culture of Good seeks to deliver on the promise of service and is integral to enabling Castrolites to work with others who share the same values. Here, in ten Core Values, is Castro Roofing culture in action:

Building Your Career With US!

Performance, passion and the absence of perks

At Castro Roofing, we believe in empowering our clients for success, not entitlement. We believe in the value of hard work, passion and determination.

We earn everything we have by achieving. We believe in hard work, passion and our daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly goals. If we fall short, we own our failure, learn from it and try again.

People are our greatest resources but even they can only achieve truly great results through working as a team in a company that priorities merit, competency and professional growth. Castro Roofing employees enjoy a strong sense of belonging, relish challenges and strive to improve both themselves and their company each and every day.

Join our team

Not Wanted: Gossiper, corporate lackies who love name-tags, egomaniacs and those that don’t give a damn.

Yep, we are hiring. We are hiring because we are growing. No bozos, drama queens or crazies. Only “killer instincts” are allowed :-).

Interested in finding out what it takes to become a Castrolite? Head over to our Careers page.

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