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Preparing for spring storms protects your investment

If every owner and property manager could remember one thing about their building’s roof, it would be this: Keep it in good condition to avoid expensive repairs. The idea is to prevent damage so costly repairs aren’t required.

With prevention in mind, here are nine ways to safeguard your commercial property, just in time for spring’s often dicey weather.

  • Make a Maintenance Plan. Storm damage usually won’t decimate your building, but a roof that’s been neglected and close to aging out of its usefulness can create extensive and costly damage. Ineffective drainage systems, cracks in the roof’s membrane, and flashing failure can be avoided if addressed before storm destruction occurs. Roofs aren’t an “install it and forget it” proposition. They need attention to fulfill the lifespan they were designed for. 
  • Inspect Flashings.  The underbelly of the roof, the flashing joins the two sections, sealing it to thwart water leaks. Engaging a roof inspection with Castro is the best preventative for flashing failure. Your first one is always free!
  • Examine Gutters, Downspouts, and Drains.  Drainage systems can be an ally or enemy during a storm. If the system is clogged or working inefficiently, water will pool and create weight that the roof isn’t designed to support. Investing in quality equipment that will move water effectively is essential in avoiding this issue. Being vigilant for ice dams in the winter months and responding with corrective measures is another important step to take. 
  • Check on Roof-Mounted Equipment.  If a building’s HVAC system is housed on its roof, ensure its securely attached with no avenue for leaks into the building. All it takes is one weather event to knock them out of alignment, creating an entry for water to invade the roof. Ditto for solar panels and skylights. If a storm is forecasted to be significant, temporary removal of the equipment from the roof is worth the effort. In addition to equipment damage, a storm can impugn the roof itself, resulting in enormous repair costs. 
  • Inspect Roof Regularly.  A semi-annual roof inspection by a professional is worth adding to your calendar. When caught early, the difference can mean minor roof repair vs. roof replacement.
  • Replace Missing or Damaged Shingles.  It’s essential to maintain a 100 percent shingled roof. If shingles are missing, curled, or cracked, they need to be replaced straightaway.
  • Cut Overhanging Branches.  As much as we appreciate all that trees over, they can pose a hazard to roofing systems. Branches and leaves piling up on the roof prevent proper water drainage, creating pooling. This water is invasive and will find cracks and seams to penetrate the building’s structure. 
  • Remove Debris.  Debris will work its way into the drainage system, creating bottlenecks, inhibiting proper draining. When water run-off lands in unintended places, foundations and landscape can be damaged, and mold and bacteria can proliferate in the stagnant water.
  • Prevent Ice Dams.  Melting snow followed by refreezing water is the cause of ice dams. Ice and water shields are recommended investments to fight dam problems in commercial buildings.

Preventative maintenance for roofing systems starts with a consultation with a roofing contractor that specializes in commercial properties. Castro brings experience, knowledge, and the right tools with them, and is positioned to make determinations about the roof’s structural integrity. Castro Roofing is one such company prepared to offer solutions to ensure the soundness of your structure’s roofing system while preparing it for the onslaught of storm season. Contact Castro Roofing today at 800.759.1879 or to schedule a full inspection of your roofing system.

Written by Sam

March 7, 2022

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